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1080p Car Dash Camera With GPS In Vehicle Video Recorder Full HD Ring RBGDC200

Our Price: £109.00
1080p Car Dash Camera With GPS In Vehicle Video Recorder Full HD Ring RBGDC200 Item Description Ring RBGDC200
Full HD 1080p In Car Dash Camera and vehicle incident recorder with integrated GPS tracking

This GPS model adds global position recording, which allows playback on Google® Maps using the software provided. It also features a wider angle display, smoother Full HD video and superior low light performance.

5 important reasons why you should fit a dashboard camera

1. Provides vital evidence in the event of a road traffic accident
2. Reduce time taken to settle a claim
3. Helps combat insurance fraud
4. Can help reduce your insurance premium with certain insurers
5. Plug & Play fitting without professional installation


Video Quality
This model features Full HD 1080 resolution meaning important details such
as vehicle number plates are more visible.
Full resolution - 1980 x 1080 at 30 Fps

File Protection
An integrated shock sensor works together with a file locking
function, to ensure vital recordings are always protected
against overwriting.

Automatic Start/Stop
The camera automatically starts recording, when the vehicle
ignition is switched on, so recordings are never missed

Loop Recording
Older files can be automatically overwritten, so
recording never stops due to the storage card
becoming full.

Backup Battery
A built-in battery provides backup power, so recordings
can always be completed if the power fails

Digital Camera
A camera mode allows the unit to operate as a digital camera,
so should an incident occur additional pictures can be taken

This camera features GPS tracking to show location and speed of an incident,
software is also included to review the video and show the precise locations on Google Maps.

Full Specifications

Video resolution (max): 1920x1080 @ 35fps
Camera resolution (max): 14 Mega Pixels
Screen Display size: 2.0”
Lens type: 6 Element glass
Viewing angle: 140º
Aperture: F/2.0
Battery : 110mA Li-Po
Storage card (not included): Up to 32GB
Audio recording : Yes
Shock sensor: Yes
Loop recording: Yes
Auto Start/Stop: Yes
Night vision LEDs: Yes
Number plate stamp: No
GPS tracking: Yes
Playback Software: Yes
USB port: Yes
HDMI port: Yes
Weight: 95.9g
Dimensions (mm) (L x W x H): 99x40x23

Please note this camera needs a Micro SD card that is not supplied to save the video recordings, the camera is compatible with up to a 32GB class 6 - 10 Micro SD card.