Quixx Scratch Remover

Quixx Scratch Remover

Paint Scrtach and Scuff Removes by Quixx removes scratches and marks from ALL paint finishes on cars, motorcycles, caravans and boats.

Unattractive scratches on paintwork of vehicles cars are unavoidable over time. QUIXX Scratch Remover removes scratches, small marks and scuffs quickly and reliably from all colours of paint and all types finishes including metallics...

Two unique polishes are used to eliminate both slight and deep scratches. Simply apply the polishes as per the instructions.

The superior action of the 7 piece QUIXX Repair System comprises of a 25g tube of unique scratch remover, a 25g tube of special polish, a lint free polishing cloth, and four strips of special grade wet/dry paper to remove most scratches and scuffs....

QUIXX can be used on your Car, Motorcycle, Caravan or Boat, etc. Also suitable for painted plastic parts such as bumpers. Suitable for use on all COLOURS German TUV approval for your piece of mind

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11.49 (Including VAT at 20% and FREE UK DELIVERY :)

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Dent Suction Puller

Dent Removal tool, uses suction to help prevent paint damage...

Simply place overdent and close the two handles together the flat rubber base provides a super tight grip.....pull gently and the dent will POP out.

Ideal for use on minor dents etc....

6.99 (Including VAT at 20% and FREE UK DELIVERY :)

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Xerapol Plastic Polish

THE PROBLEM.........
Objects made from acrylic glass tend to scratch very easily and this often makes them look shabby.
This is a particular problem in acrylic glass parts in cars, motorbikes, caravans and mobile homes, boots, aircraft and furniture. Wood trim finishing in cars also gets scratched very quickly.

THE SOLUTION...........
XERAPOL offers an astonishingly simple solution for this widespread problem. This new special polish paste allows users to quickly and cheaply remove scratches themselves. The acrylic glass shines again as bright as new.

THE APPLICATION...... Clean the surface and apply a little paste. Using a soft, clean cotton cloth or pad polish the scratched areas using heavy pressure for 2-3 minutes. Do not use on any printed, varnished or coated surfaces. For deep scratches repeat application several times. Remove residue with a cloth. Very deep scratches should be treated beforehand with special abrasive paper (granularity: 1600) and a little water. Polish afterwards with XERAPOL.

8.99 (Including VAT at 20% and FREE UK DELIVERY :)

Your order can be modified at any point.

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