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Add A Circuit Fuse Holder Piggyback Tap Mini Blade Car Motorbike Fuse (FLM)

Our Price: £3.99
This fuse holder allows you to add a powered circuit to your car or motorbike easily and efficiently, without the need to splice other wires or solder any wire.
The circuit will be protected with the blade fuse used in the holder.
This is an ideal product for installing auxiliary 12v equipment into your vehicle.
It is manufactured using high quality components.
Also known as a piggy back fuse, or fuse tap. To use simply take out an existing fuse from the vehicle fuse box, then insert this into the available fuse slot on the add a circuit holder. Then simply crimp the power lead from the accessory onto the lead of the "add a circuit fuse holder".

Please note no fuses are included.
Only fits vehicles with mini blade fuses
For the larger standard blade fuses please follow the link below