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Car 12v 2 Way Multi Socket With Micro USB Plug Ring RMS14

Our Price: £18.99
Ring RMS14 Multi Socket
A handy multi socket that can be used to power two 12v accessories and also any device that accepts a micro USB plug. Excellent quality product made by Ring Automotive

Micro USB Retractable Tip to charge smart
phones, all new models of mobile
phones (exception apple) and most sat navs.

2 x 12v Sockets suitable for powering products
up to 10amp

Battery Analyser displays available vehicle
battery power. Also early warning for alternator
not charging vehicle battery

2 x power switches to control the power to
your devices

Glowing socket - for quick night time location

Coiled Cable - no loose trailing wires across
your car

Fitment Collar - to suit most cigarette
lighter sockets and prevents plug becoming
accidentally dislodged

Input Voltage - 12v
Total Output - 10amp (max)
12v socket - 10amp (max)
Micro USB - 1amp (max)
Replacement fuse - 10amp glass fuse
Cable (extended) - 1m