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Car Cleaning Gift Box Poorboys Set DARK KIT Incl. Black Hole, Shampoo, Nattys Blue Wax

Our Price: £46.00
Three fantastic Poorboys products neatly packed in a luxury red gift box, decorated with tissue paper making it an ideal present for a any car cleaning enthusiast


Dark Kit includes:
Poorboys Black Hole 16oz
Poorboys Super Slick & Wax Shampoo 16oz
Poorboys Nattys Paste Wax Blue 8oz
1 x Professional grade microfibre cloth
1 x Professional grade foam applicator pad

This kit is ideal for dark coloured cars including - Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Dark Silver, Brown etc..

This three stage cleaning kit will leave any dark coloured car looking like it's fresh out the showroom. The stage 1 shampoo is highly concentrated and provides never ending foam, being pH neutral allows this shampoo to be used on every wash without stripping any layers of wax applied previously. The second stage is the famous Black Hole Show Glaze, renowned for its super high gloss and slick finish, no dark car is complete without a coat of Black Hole which is why it's the top selling Poorboys product, it's so good it even hides fine scratches and swirl marks. To finish off with stage 3 is the Nattys Paste Wax Blue, which when combined with Black Hole provides an unmatched finish on your paintwork that will ensure weeks of protection from the elements.