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Car DIY Windscreen Repair Kit Glue Resin Cracks Stonechip Windscreen Summit WRK1

Our Price: £46.18
Car DIY Windscreen Repair Kit Glue Resin Cracks Stonechip Windscreen Summit WRK1 Item Description Summit Windscreen Repair Kit
DIY repair kit
Saves insurance excess and can be done by yourself at home
Easy to use with full instructions provided
Makes repairs in minutes
Works on chips and cracks
Great for multiple repairs

Kit contains:
Repair resin (1.5g)
Repair device
Curing strips
Instruction sheet


Replacing a broken or chipped windscreen can be expensive and, if, ignored, can lead to an MOT failure. Even a comprehensively insured driver will usually have to pay an excess of at least £50, and without comprehensive insurance it can cost several hundred pounds.

This simple, cost-effective DIY solution is our Windscreen Repair Kit. Developed by glass repair and adhesive specialists, it is the easy way to repair nearly all types of stone chip damage that can occur to laminated windscreens.

The damaged area is simply repaired using a syringe which draws the air out of the crack and injects a specially formulated adhesive into the space to leave the screen free from distortion.
The Windscreen Repair Kit will not only prevent the damage from spreading, it will also prolong the life of the windscreen and help maintain its strength

A car windscreen will not pass the MOT if it has damage that is more than a 10mm circle in the area swept by the wipers and 29mm wide immediately in front of the steering wheel. It can also fail if the damage extends beyond a 40mm circle in the rest of the area swept by the windscreen wipers.

This repair kit it perfect for dealing with Cracks, Chips, Bulls Eyes and Stars in your vehicle windscreen