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K Seal Radiator Sealer Permanently Cures Coolant Leaks

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In Engine Blocks Cylinder Head & Head Gaskets Radiators
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K Seal Item Description K-Seal by Kalimex The simple to use and permanent cooling system repair
GUARANTEED to last for the life of your engine!

Mixes with ALL types of Antifreeze & Coolant


Save Time & Money
Avoid time consuming and expensive mechanical repairs which could cost you hundreds of pounds.

Repairs most leaks in the engine block or cooling system.

Just shake pour in and go!

K-Seal® is specially formulated to permanently seal most cracks in the engine block and head. This unique product is guaranteed to mix with all types of glycol based coolant and antifreeze. K-Seal® can also be used to seal holes and cracks in the head gasket, radiator, heater core, freeze plugs, water pump casing and other metal components of the cooling system in both petrol and diesel engines.

How Does K-Seal® Work?
When there is a crack or hole in the cooling system, this generates a low pressure area.
K-Seal® finds the low pressure area and deposits the special ceramic micro-fibre and copper formulation as it flows through the damaged area.
Within seconds the crack or hole is completely filled with the ceramic micro-fibres and copper and the repair has been made. This seal is further enhanced by heat to form a repair that will last the life of the engine.
K-Seal® is simple to use:
Shake bottle vigorously (at least 30 seconds) to ensure that the contents are evenly mixed.
Add the entire contents to the radiator or overflow tank. (When adding K-Seal® to the overflow tank, pre-mix the contents with 1 to 2 litres of water to ensure effective dispersal into the cooling system. Allow time for the product to enter the cooling system if you are treating a slow leak. Do not pour K-Seal® directly onto metal).
The leak will stop within 1 to 3 minutes once the engine has reached operating temperature.
Top up the coolant as necessary leaving the K-Seal® in the system for future sealing. K-Seal® is compatible with all types of antifreeze.

Technical Information:
K-Seal® is formulated with ceramic micro-fibres and copper fines of varying size to ensure a fast and permanent seal of all holes or cracks (up to 0.75mm large) in the cooling system.

The special chemical formulation can flow into cracks so fine that they cannot even be seen with the naked eye to form a super-strength seal. The crack or hole is actually filled from top to bottom with the K-Seal® formula resulting in a complete ‘weld’ and permanent repair.

The copper in the K-Seal® formulation not only contributes to the strength of the repair but it also helps to conduct heat across the crack or hole. This eliminates hot spots that would normally form with a non-metallic repair. Copper is also very friendly to copper, bronze and aluminium radiator cores, which makes it safe to use with all types of radiators.

K-Seal® can be left in the cooling system and will continue to repair leaks as they happen. You won’t even notice that there was a problem. Adding K-Seal® to the cooling system immediately after each coolant replacement ensures that any and all leaks are sealed thus preventing time consuming and costly repairs. K-Seal® will treat cooling systems of up to 23 litres capacity. Larger cooling systems will require two bottles.

K-Seal will not repair holes more than 1mm or cracks more than 0.5mm wide. This item is sold on the condition that the buyer accepts the limitations of the product. If unsure please don't buy.