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Leak Detection UV Dye For Car AC Air Conditioning System 1 X 5ml Bottle Ring RLD1

Our Price: £5.99
This listing is for 1 x 5ml vial
Ultra Violet leak detection dye for air conditioning systems

Find leaks you would otherwise miss

Safe to leave in any system

Can be used with all types of refrigerant

Use one 5ml bottle of dye per 250ml of refrigerant

To use this dye you will need an in line UV dye dispenser to inject the dye into the air conditioning system via the low pressure valve.

To use simply fill the dye dispenser with the UV dye, then attach this to the low pressure valve for the air con system, attach the refrigerant nozzle to the other end of the dye dispenser and fill the air con system. Run the engine and turn the air con on for 20 minutes, then turn the engine off. Using an ultra violet light check the system for any leaks.

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