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Renault MEGANE HATCHBACK 02-06 Emergency Spare Car Bulb Kit H1 H4 H7

Our Price: £6.99
Emergency Spare Bulb Kit 10 Piece H1 H4 H7 & More For European Driving Item Description
Emergency Bulb Kit
10 piece kit for most vehicles
Includes all major functional bulbs and fuses
Includes H4, H7 and H1 bulbs & more
Essential for European motoring
"E" approved
Compulsory in many EU countries
Suitable for use in plastic headlamps
This kit is vital for keeping you safe, legal and prepared if a bulb fails

Please note the headlamps in this kit will not fit your vehicle if you have Xenon/HID/Gas discharge headlamp bulbs fitted. The title of this listing may indicate this bulb kit to fit your vehicle but because Xenon (HID) bulbs can be added as an optional extra on a lot of cars your vehicle will still be listed in the title. In most cases all the other bulbs in the kit except the headlamps will fit so it would still be a worth while investment, and it can also be transferred to another car in the future.

Kit Includes:
1 x H7 12v 55w (477) Halogen Headlamp
1 x H4 12v 60/55w (472) Halogen Headlamp
1 x H1 12v 55w (481) Halogen Headlamp
1 x 207 12v 5w Tail
1 x 501 12v 5w (w5w) Side
1 x 380 12v 21/5w (P21/5w) Brake/Tail
1 x 382 12v 21w (P21w) Brake/Indicator
1 x 10 amp standard blade fuse
1 x 15 amp standard blade fuse
1 x 20 amp standard blade fuse

All supplied in a neat plastic case, ideal for storing in the glove box or boot