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Ring Xenon 130 H4 Headlight Bulb Pair RW3372

Our Price: £22.99

Ring Xenon130 Headlight Bulbs

Two bulbs supplied

Fight the dark nights with 130% more light on the road

The newest upgrade bulb on the market offering up to 130% more light on the road, 3700k colour temperature and 170 metre beam distance

This listing is for the H4 (472) 12v 60/55w version

Please check before ordering, or ask us to verify fitment

The latest Ring performance bulb on the market

100% Xenon gas and advanced filament technology produce exceptional night driving performance

There are no changes needed to your vehicle wiring, simply replace your existing bulbs with Xenon130

Provides a longer beam pattern to enhance road markings and objects on and around the road

Offers 3700k colour temperature providing a bright white light, rather than a yellow light produced by standard bulbs

Fully road legal and E marked

UV Cut meaning they are safe for plastic headlamps

The newly-launched Xenon130 puts up to 130% more light on the road and has a beam pattern that’s up to 60m longer than a standard bulb. For a driver, this means seeing what’s coming sooner and increasing the time period you have to react.

It’s not just about quantity; the quality of light matters too. For the best possible conditions when you’re driving at night, look for bulbs with a whiter light. This light is closer to daylight, improving visibility while you’re on the road. This will make signs and road markings easier to see and help reduce eye strain and fatigue

Investing in upgrading your bulbs is a sure-fire way to make night time driving easier. These bulbs are specially designed using micro filament technology and xenon gas to produce a brighter, whiter light

Summary of benefits

Up to 130% more light on the road

Our brightest, whitest headlamp.

Shorter, more tightly wound filament produces a brighter, whiter light output (3700k)

100% xenon gas within the bulb envelop.

Closest light to daylight.

Safer, easier night driving, with better reflections from road markings and signs.