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Steel Epoxy Repair Stick Easy Permanent Quick Repairs

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Steel Epoxy Repair Stick Easy Permanent Quick Repairs Item Description Steel Epoxy Repair Stick
Keep this in the car or home for easy permanent quick repairs

Abro Steel is an easy to use putty that sets Steel Hard in only 5 minutes... Abro Steel can be Drilled Sanded Tapped Machined and Painted

Use Abro Steel on Iron Aluminium Bronze Plastics Steel Copper Wood and Brass. No mixing required This unique epoxy stick is Steel Reinforced and moulds to any shape and bonds to all surfaces.....Abro Steel will fill voids and cracks in metal parts...

Can be used to repair pipes valves castings tanks engine blocks battery cases metal tools ducts appliances bicycles motorcycles and many other automotive home or industrial applications. Can be used on damp or wet areas

TECH INFO:- Tensile Strength 900 psi Shear Strength 1000 psi Compression Strength 18000 psi Max Use Temp 300 Degrees Fahrenheit Made in USA 57g 9 cm length