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Subaru Outback Ring Tyre Kit Car Compressor & Puncture Repair Sealant

Our Price: £25.99
Ring Tyre Kit Car Compressor & Puncture Repair Sealant Item Description Ring Tyre Kit 12v Car Compressor (RAC610) & Flat Puncture Repair Sealant RTK1
Brand New In Box
Ring Tyre Kit
With 12v compressor and 400ml tyre sealant aerosol
Also includes handy tyre pressure gauge, tread depth gauge, latex gloves and cleaning wipes, all supplied in zipped storage bag
Perfect for keeping in the boot for emergencies or replacing a car manufacturer supplied kit
Tyre sealant is enough for one tyre only
Don't be stranded, be prepared for a puncture or tyre deflation by carrying this useful kit.
A temporary repair designed to get you home, no need for any tools or wheel changes.
Please note will not repair tyres that have come off their rim, are ripped, have damaged walls or a puncture bigger than 5mm.
Quality product made by Ring Automotive