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Wet and Dry Sandpaper Flexovit 800 Grit P800 x11 Sheets

Our Price: £12.62
Wet and Dry Sandpaper Flexovit 800 Grit P800 x 11 Sheets Item Description Wet and Dry Sandpaper by Flexovit
Brand New
11 Full Sheets
800 grit (P800)
Each sheet measures 230 x 280mm
Excellent quality
Branded as Flexovit who have been producing industrial quality abrasives since 1958, and are now part of the Saint Gobain company which is the largest producer of abrasive products
Premium silicone carbide abrasive sandpaper, waterproof and highly flexible
Can be used wet or dry however when used wet the paper will last longer and provide a smoother finish because the water will clean and lubricate and even prevent clogging.
We have been selling car accessories for over 25 years and only select the best brands possible, this is why we sell Flexovit sandpaper, as we believe it out performs other abrasive papers on the market.