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1.5L Black/Yellow Pressure Pump Sprayer For Acid/Alkaline Chemicals

1.5L Black/Yellow Pressure Pump Sprayer For Acid/Alkaline Chemicals

1.5L Black/Yellow Pressure Pump Sprayer Acid/Alkaline Chemical Spray FKM Seals Item Description 1.5L FKM Pressure Sprayer
Specially designed for use with acid and alkaline based liquids and cleaners in a commercial environment
Perfect for using with acid wheel cleaners
Can also be used with many water based chemicals
This trade approved compression sprayer is a technically advanced device for spraying large quantities of liquid

Pump action pressure handle with trigger sprayer
1.5 Litre bottle capacity
Adjustable nozzle for wide or narrow spray
Used by garages, mechanics, car valeters, car detailers, various industrial uses etc...
Heavy duty design with FKM internal seals
Designed for excellent chemical resistance
This sprayer carries the reputation of being one of the very best on the market
Effortlessly build-up the pressure in the liquid container by pumping the handle. A mere push on the spray button ensures an even and constant mist, which can be regulated by turning the nozzle nut.

Made in Germany by K laeger Plastik GMBH

Please note not for use with solvents, click here to see our sprayer that is suitable for solvents

  • Brand:
    Kläger Plastik