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3 Pack of Gliptone Leather Scented Hanging Air Freshener

3 Pack of Gliptone Leather Scented Hanging Air Freshener

Gliptone Leather Scented Car Air Freshener Fragrance Item Description Gliptone Leather Scented Car Air Freshener Fragrance
Brand New
3 x gliptone air fresheners
Each car air freshener measures 10cm x 7cm
Really smells of traditional english leather
Far superior to the Magic Tree Leather air freshener
Lasts for months not weeks
Can be hung from home furniture, office chairs or any other leather item you want to smell of traditional leather
This small leather smelling air freshener will convert ANY car to the rich smell of traditional English quality leather. Harmless to leather, vinyl, plastic & metal trim. Extremely long lasting, will last many months not just days or weeks. Simply hang from a control stalk or rear view mirror and transform the interior of your car.
The distinct smell of traditional English leather is rarely found today, modern tanning processes do not have that luxurious evocative smell, a smell that nearly everyone craves and expects.

Gliptone have been producing Liquid Leather leather smelling Conditioner for many years and it has gained a reputation for being the only product on the market that really does smell of good old fashioned English leather, like the interior of Rolls-Royces and old Jaguars, no other product has been able to match the smell.

A major problem with sprays and creams that are supposed to smell of leather, but actually don’t, is that once on the leather you cannot remove the smell, your stuck with it until in fades, Gliptone’s approach is different, because our system is an impregnated aroma card, if you don’t like the smell, simply remove the card, or if you want it stronger, add another card, it couldn’t be more simple.

Larger size and multipacks also available click here for more details