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Armor All Tire Foam Tyre Cleaner

Armor All Tire Foam Tyre Cleaner

Tyre Cleaner Armor All Tire Foam Shine 500ml NEW Item Description Tyre Cleaner Armor All Tire Foam Shine 500ml NEW
Brand New 500ml Can
Armor All Tire Foam has revolutionised the appearance chemical industry. With its ease of use, superior shine and resulting degree of satisfaction with customers, Tire Foam is the perfect extension to the Armor All brand family.

A revolutionary way to clean, shine and protect your tyres in one easy step. Simply spray on and walk away.

Using Armor All Tire Foam - Features & Benefits
The Product
Armor All Tire Foam is formulated from the same basic ingredients found in Armor All Protectant, but Tire Foam has a greater proportion of cleaners for the extra needs of dirty tyres.

The only additional ingredients are aerosol propellants and foaming agents. These foaming agents produce the foam but they also hold the active ingredients in place on the tyre sidewall so the cleaners have a chance to do their work.

Then, as the foam breaks down, the dirt and cleaning agents are carried away and the protection and beautification ingredients can penetrate the rubber.

The Benefits
Tire Foam is convenient - no wiping, no rinsing, no mess.
Tire Foam cleans - foaming action surfactants lift dirt from the tyre and carry it away.
Tire Foam shines - tyres are left with a uniform, lustrous surface.
Tire Foam is economical - it treats up to 35 tyres and there's no need for extra rags or sponges.
Tire Foam is safe - it's ozone friendly, uses no CFCs and it will not damage wheels or paints.

How Armor All Tire Foam Works
Users simply spray it on the tyre and then leave it alone. In minutes dirt just floats away leaving the tyre clean, shiny and protected. No wiping, no rags, no mess.

How Armor All Tire Foam is Used
Shake well before use. Apply to wet or dry tyres.
Spray foam 15cm from the tyre in a circular and steady sweeping motion. Ensure full, even sidewall coverage.
Allow to dry (5 to 10 minutes).

Note: brake dust and other residue from tyres can spot driveways. To avoid this, rinse driveway immediately after use.

For best results, firstly wash excessively dirty or muddy tyres.

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