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Autobrite Direct Purple Rain 3.0 Iron Fallout Remover 500ml

Autobrite Direct Purple Rain 3.0 Iron Fallout Remover 500ml

Autobrite Direct Purple Rain 3.0 Iron Fallout Remover Gel Formula

500ml Bottle

Purple Rain version 3 is a new intensive pH balanced (pH 6-7) iron-contaminate remover that removes contaminants upon contact. The rapid, reactive new formula gel when applied clings to the surface and rapidly breaks down industrial fallout, rail dust, iron contaminates (ferrous iron metal parts), airborne chemical compounds and other forms of contamination. The iron contaminates begin to embed themselves into the surface under high temperatures and potentially can cause long term damage, Purple Rain 3 Gel will react and dissolve these contaminates instantly.

Purple Rain 3 is suitable for all exterior paintwork including glass, aluminium alloy wheels (not bare aluminium), clear coated alloy wheels, stainless steel, plastic panels, exhausts tips and even rubber surfaces, in fact where iron contaminates lie, Purple Rain 3 will dissolve them and remove them when pressure rinsed. Purple Rain 3 also contains cleaners and degreasers to help cut through dirt and grime, the thick gel liquid creates a unique high foam formula that sticks to the surface & penetrating into the dirt/grime and removing easily under a pressure rinse. Purple Rain 3 is the perfect all round cleaner & contaminate remover.

When Purple Rain 3 hits the surface it begins to work into the dirt/grime and fallout instantly and the gel formula begins to turn to purple/red. As Purple Rain 3 is a gel like product it will stick to the surface and give maximum penetration for longer. On some occasions where more cleaning is necessary, Purple Rain 3 can be agitated with a brush to remove the most stubborn of contamination.


New GEL based formula to ensure better coverage
Gel allows product to dwell longer and enables use of a brush to work product
Rapid reaction time to contaminants
Ideal for wheels and bodywork
New sweet fragrance added

How to use:

Purple Rain sets to work as soon as its applied to the surface, pulling the contamination off in a purple/red colour streak.

Apply Purple Rain 3 liberally to the surface, make sure the surface is cool before application. When Purple Rain 3 is applied on the surface the product starts to react with the contaminants immediately, This procedure will last approx 3-4 minutes (do not let the product completely dry out), then the purple/red colour will start to fade, at this point its time to remove the excess residue from the surface by rinsing or you can agitate the surface with a brush to remove stubborn contamination from alloy wheels or a standard microfibre towel from the paintwork. Thoroughly pressure rinse the entire surface when the clean is completed.
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