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Car Brake Clutch Bleeding Kit Gunson Eezibleed

Car Brake Clutch Bleeding Kit Gunson Eezibleed

Car Bike Brake Clutch Bleeding Kit Automatic Bleeder Gunson Eezibleed Easy Bleed Item Description Gunson Eezibleed
Automatic Brake & Clutch Bleeding Kit
Suitable for a one man operation
This system sets the standard for affordable brake and clutch bleeding systems. Using air pressure from a spare wheel it will effortlessly bleed hydraulic systems. There are a number of adaptors available to fit most vehicles
with screw cap reservoirs, and comprehensive instructions are included.
Suitable for one man operation
• Uses the air pressure from a spare tyre to effortless bleed hydraulic systems
• The Eezibleed kits contains a special pressure vessel to hold the new fluid
• Can be used successfully on the following systems: Tandem master cylinders without sensors Tandem reservoirs, Slave servos, Vacuum Servos

Contents include:
1 x Bottle,
1 x Bottle cap assembly with tyre connector,
3 x Tubes (3.5mm x 303mm, 5.4mm x 303mm, 5.4mm x 183mm),
1 x 25mm cap and seal for lockhead systems
1 x 27mm cap and seal for Volkswagen Audi Group
1 x 44/45mm plastic cap and seals for metal girling and ATE systems
1 x 46mm cap and seal for some girling systems
Full instructions

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