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Car Headlight Beam Deflectors

Car Headlight Beam Deflectors

Car Beam Deflectors for All Headlights

Ensure your vehicle is fit for the road when driving on the continent

All UK vehicle headlamps are specifically designed for driving on the left hand side of the road, when driving in
Europe this causes you to dazzle other road users. Beam deflectors are the only way to stop this happening.

Universal design fits all cars and headlamp styles

Easy to fit

Easy to remove

Includes full fitting instructions inside

Newer style adaptor suitable for all types of headlamp including HID (Xenon)


Are you driving abroad ? Then you will definitely require a pack of these. Easy to use and supplied with full instructions. Simply sticks to the outside glass/lens, no need to take apart...fits in minutes.

Not only will they make sure you don't dazzle oncoming drivers you'll be able to see the road better. Does not diminish light output. Fits ALL cars..

Ring Beam adaptors are the market leading product, they also include ‘specific’ instructions for the latest ‘clear lens’, ‘projector’ and 'xenon' headlamps from ALL leading car manufactures, over 800 vehicles!
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