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Instawax By Chemical Guys Carnauba Spray Wax & Sealant 473ml

Instawax By Chemical Guys Carnauba Spray Wax & Sealant 473ml

Instawax By Chemical Guys 

High gloss spray wax & sealant in one

473ml Bottle

100% carnauba-based wax
Advanced spray wax formula
Easy on, easy off application
Quick drying and dust-free
Protection from harmful UV solar rays
Provides a slick wet finish
Prevents water spot and contamination stains

InstaWax+ Liquid Carnauba Shine and Protection Spray is the perfect solution to keeping your car, truck, or motorcycle looking amazing while providing outstanding protection against the elements.
InstaWax advanced spray wax formula will change the way you wax your car forever. Traditional waxes usually require a time consuming application that is often very tedious and messy. InstaWax makes detailing your vehicle faster and easier than ever. The 100% carnauba-based spray wax applies in minutes to any color vehicle protecting the surface from harmful airborne pollution, contamination and water spots. It has advanced UV protection engineered into the wax to protect your vehicle's finish from the harmful effects of the sun.
The superb performing spray wax applies to the surface with zero dust to bring a deep, rich luster to any color paint. In just a matter of minutes, your car can be the best looking ride on the block and will makes your car the envy of all your friends.

How To Use:
Shake product well
Mist a thin coat working one panel or area at a time
For best results, spread into a thin even coat using quality microfiber towel or applicator pad
Allow to dry to a haze
Buff off residue with premium microfiber towel
Use after washes to maintain sealant and wax coat