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Lake Country 6.5" CCS DA Foam Pad Set Of 3

Lake Country 6.5" CCS DA Foam Pad Set Of 3

Foam Pad Set
1 x Yellow Heavy Cutting Pad
1 x White Light Cutting/ Polishing Pad
1 x Black Soft Finishing Pad

3 pad set for all stages of paint correction

Description of pads:

Designed for use with light cutting compounds, pre wax cleaners, waxes and sealants. This pad is highly absorbent to allow for even product application. It has very light cutting power in order to clean the paint without abrading clear coat or single stage finishes

Designed for use with compounds and heavy swirl removers. This pad will remove heavy oxidation and repair severe swirl marks and scratches

Designed for applying glazes, finishing polish, liquid waxes and sealants. The composition is firm enough to remove buffer swirls, but it is non abrasive. Also ideal to be used for the final buffing stage
Each pad measures, 165mm x 32mm (6.5" x 1.25")

Designed for velcro hook and loop backing plates

Lake Country’s CCS Dual Action 6.5 inch Foam Pads are flat full contact buffing pads that work with your dual action or orbital polisher to correct paint more easily than ever before. The CCS Smart Pad’s user-friendly features provide better control, less product waste, and a more successful detail.
CCS stands for Collapsed Cell Structure. CCS Technology is Lake Country’s innovative pad design that saves product by controlling product release onto the work surface.
Professional foam polishing pad by Lake Country MFG .Inc

  • Brand:
    Lake Country
  • Brand:
    Lake Country