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Lorry / Truck Windscreen Frost Cover XL 100x255cm

Lorry / Truck Windscreen Frost Cover XL 100x255cm

Lorry Truck Van 4x4 Windscreen Frost Ice Snow Shield Protector XL 100x225cm Item Description Extra Large Windscreen Frost Shield
Measures a huge 100 x 255cm
Ideal for a Lorry, Truck, Van, 4x4 etc..
The No Frost is a soft aluminium roll designed to be placed over the windscreen before it freezes or snows. Held in place with doors and windscreen wipers if required.

The No Frost makes for a quicker start as the windscreen will be clear of frost etc.
Saves using an ice scraper on them cold winter mornings
Measures 100 x 225 mm

Better for the Environment than Aerosol De-Icers & cheaper in the long run.

Can also be used in summer to protect from heat.
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