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Osram AirZing Vehicle Mini Air Purifier Kills 99.9% Bacteria

Osram AirZing Vehicle Mini Air Purifier Kills 99.9% Bacteria


Ideal for cars, lorries, commercial and construction vehicles

Caravans & Motorhomes

At home and in the office or wherever it is needed

Why Use It

The global pandemic has made everyone aware of the importance of thorough and necessary hygiene. Osram has developed the AirZing Mini Air Purifier to support this omnipresent need that affects us all By utilizing OSRAM's extensive knowledge of UV light in combination with photonic competence OSRAM has developed the AirZing Mini Air Purifier to kill bacteria and viruses and purifying the air within vehicle cabins. Vehicle cabins, whether cars, vans or trucks, are areas that require special attention. By cleaning the air inside the vehicle, the air becomes fresher and cleaner.

By cleaning the air with the OSRAM AirZing Mini Air Purifier, harmful and unpleasant odours are eliminated and particularly bacteria and viruses are removed. The AirZing Mini is flexible and versatile, it can also be used at home in the office and wherever it is needed. In a world where hygiene and cleanliness are of particular importance, the OSRAM AirZing Mini is an additional instrument that can help you to get fresher, cleaner air For your family, your friends, your colleagues, yourself and all the others around you OSRAM AirZing Mini Air

How It Works

The combination and interaction of these two components: the UVA LEDs, with a wavelength of 360 - 380nm, which convert and release so much energy that the TiO2 filter is activated, causes a photocatalytic reaction inside the OSRAM AirZing Mini Air Purifier. The air, including viruses, bacteria and other pollutants, inside the car is taken in and passed through the AirZing Mini.

Inside the AirZing Mini, the air meets the UVA light shining on the TiO2 filter, which causes the photocatalytic reaction, i.e. the cell lining of the virus and bacteria are destroyed (the organism is killed) and the purified air flows out of the AirZing Mini at the end of the process. The OSRAM AirZing Mini does NOT use UVC light. UVC is the highest energy form of UV light with a wavelength of 100 - 280nm i.e. direct exposure to UVC radiation can cause various harmful effects in the eyes and on the skin, e.g. UV-C radiation can damage the surface tissue of the eye.

Product Specification

Size: ~ 80x80x50 mm

Weight: 110g

Power: DC 5V 0.5A (USB Type C)

Wattage: ~ 2.5W

Noise: <25dB

Air Flow Rate: 6.5m3 per hour 0.1m3 per min

Mount: Magnet

Features Continuous air filtration & air purification whilst driving, UVA LED light source, Titanium dioxide filter TiO2, Easy to maintain and clean, no consumables needed, washable filter, in comparison with the traditional HEPA filters the TiO2 Filter does not have to be constantly replaced → environmental Protection

Plug and play, Quiet operation & compact size, Convenient - plugs into 5VDC USBC socket, cable included 2-year OSRAM Guarantee


Kills viruses and bacteria while driving in a vehicle

Effectively removes harmful virus, bacteria in the car, up to 99%+*

Effectively removes formaldehyde, TVOC and odors in the car, up to 90%+*

Effectively removes odours replacing it with clean air for a fresh atmosphere

Saving energy & money - Low level maintenance, no need to buy or continually replace filters

Flexible mounting positions and secure fit power supply

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