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Poorboys Polish With Carnauba Wax Blue LARGE (946ml) & Free Cloths & Pads

Poorboys Polish With Carnauba Wax Blue LARGE (946ml) & Free Cloths & Pads

Poorboys Polish With Carnauba Wax Blue LARGE 32oz (946ml) & Free Cloths Pads Item Description Poorboys Polish With Carnauba Wax Blue 32oz (946ml)
Designed For dark coloured vehicles
Supplied with 2 free professional microfibre cloths and 2 free foam applicator pads

Brand New Large 32oz (946ml) Bottle, the next size up from the standard 16oz bottles.

Please note the free applicator pads you receive may vary in colour depending on what colour we have in stock at the time

Poorboy's World Polish with Carnauba wax is the result of many years of research. After talking to thousands of customers and hearing their concerns and needs, we have developed a very unique combination of cleaners and protectors for all car finishes including gel coats on boats, fiberglass vehicles and even planes too!
Designed for dark coloured vehicles, if you need the white version for lighter vehicles please click the link at the bottom of the page.
Even though today's clearcoats are great protectors of the paint beneath them, most people do not have the time or experience to properly maintain them with a good polish and wax
To keep the "new look" of your paintwork you must polish the vehicles surface to regain a silky smooth finish. This process will remove contaminants and surface dirt as well as some fine scratches.
Poorboys Polish is a non abrasive polish that removes oxidation and road grime and also smoothes the surface and leaves a small amount of carnauba wax, a UV protector and a crystal clear shine with no dust, and no yellowing. This unique formula will help protect against bird droppings, water stains (acid rain), salt, tree sap and much more. It will also remove fine scratches and swirl marks
Non abrasive
Easy on/ easy off
Use in the sun or shade
Cleans and restores luster and shine
Great for all paint finishes including clear coats
Can be used on metal, chrome, plastic, glass, aluminium and much more
Cleans, shines, protects and seals paintwork in one step
Provides UV protection

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