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STP Smoke Treatment Reduces Exhaust Smoke

STP Smoke Treatment Reduces Exhaust Smoke

Smoke Treatment STP Reduces Exhaust Smoke 450ml NEW Item Description Smoke Treatment STP Reduces Exhaust Smoke 450ml NEW
Brand New Bottle 450ml
STP Smoke Treatment, a mineral oil based additive, provides extra oil cushioning and improves motor oil viscosity at high temperatures, reducing oil consumption, burning, blow by and smoking.

Benefits of Using STP Smoke Treatment
STP Smoke Treatment used regularly helps:
Reduce engine wear
Provide extra engine protection to the engine
Reduce engine deposits, keeping vital engine parts cleaner
Fight oil oxidation and breakdown at high temperatures
Reduce corrosion
Reduce exhaust smoke
Lower oil consumption
Cushion noisy valves and lifters

STP Smoke Treatment
Is recommended for use in all four cycle petrol engines including cars, trucks, vans, tractors, boats, motorcycles, marine engines.
Can be used in diesel engines, but only if it has been determined that oil burning is the cause of excessive exhaust smoke.
Mixes with regular and synthetic motor oils
Can be used in a turbo charged vehicle
Must not be used in a vehicle with a wet clutch: the friction reducing properties of STP Smoke Treatment will make the clutch slip.
Must not be used in a two stroke vehicle.
Is best added to a fresh oil change or in between changes to boost or replenish key additives.
Can be used with other STP additives.

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